Why 2013 was a bad year for Press Freedom in Australia

Congrats to Matteo Gagliardi on his blog here, and his interview on The Wire.

The Analyst

Click to listen to my interview with Mark Pearson

Earlier this week, Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF) released its annual World Press Freedom Index, a ranking system of the level of press freedom in each country. Australia found itself at 28 on the index, two spots lower than the year before.

I spoke to Mark Pearson, Australian correspondent for RSF (known as Reporters Without Borders in English) about the index as well as the state of media freedom here in Australia. Pearson, who is also Professor of Journalism and Social Media at Griffith University, explained that even though it was difficult to tell why countries moved up and down the list, Australia on the whole had a poor year with regards to press freedom.

He listed a number of reasons for this, including the Gillard government’s attempted media reforms. The former government’s move to turn the Australian press away from…

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