MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

Another great curation of media law and technology law cases and articles here from @mslods . It starts with a particularly useful Storify from @mslods debating whether it is reasonable to use the term ‘copyright theft’ when talking about copyright infringement. Any media law geek should subscribe to this blog.



Is copyright infringement theft?  | MsLods storify |

You’ve got 1 week! Input sought on online copyright infringement proposals.  | Australian Digital Alliance | & my collection of #copdis resources:

How many jobs does IP actually create? A US analysis. | Mercatus Center |

Anti-piracy firm wants to fine Canadian and Aussie file-sharers. | TorrentFreak |

New Zealand: Another alleged music pirate pinged under ‘Skynet’. | Stuff |

Village Roadshow no-show for online piracy forum. | ZDNet |

Defamation & media law

North Coast Children’s Home Inc. v Keith Martin, the perils of digital defamation, by Yvonne Kux. | INFORRM | 

Careful with your coverage of the Redfern murder case – especially pics. | Journlaw |

Financial services group WCS serves online forum Whirlpool over negative post. | The Age |

Privacy & information security

iiNet on mass data retention: is…

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