Student news blogs lead the way in citizen journalism

Colleague Mic Smith and I were delighted with the standard of the news blogs created by our students in the capstone subject Online News Production in the semester just finished.

Mic is an accomplished blogger (see his project Mic Smith Geographic).

We gave students the option to work as individuals, pairs or teams and you can see the variety of their topics and approaches in this blogroll of their best work.

It offers hope that these talented young people can carve out a career despite the shrinking opportunities in mainstream media. Enjoy!


The Rural Yarns blog ... best overall

The Rural Yarns blog … best overall

Winner of Best Mental Health Story – ‘On rural issues with social media’ by Gavin Coote.
Winner of Best News Story – ‘The Great Beef Divide’ by Guy Creighton.
‘Ruralyarns’ covers news from around rural SEQ/NENSW.

Eyes on Lilley
Winner of Best Political Blog – Eyes on Lilley by Clarissa Carden.
‘Eyes on Lilley’ looks at the electorate of Lilley and looks at the issues during the electoral campaign.

Living Gold Coast
Winner of Best Multicultural Blog – LivingGC by Maddison Johnstone and Steph Kent.
‘Living Gold Coast’ is an online news source is independently-run and is aimed at the Chinese population on the Gold Coast, whether touring or residing.

Brookfield and Beyond
‘Brookfield and Beyond’ looks at Brookfield, Pullenvale and Moggil, which are all suburbs that possess a certain country town vibe, which continues to provide a healthy musical culture in the area.

Parental Guidance
‘Parental Guidance’ is a blog which consists of all things family related in the south-east Brisbane/Logan area, including local family events, parenting courses and activities

Savvy, Willing & Able
Winner of Best Mental Health Blog – Savvy, Willing & Able by Kathryn Stumpf.
‘Savvy, Willing & Able’ is a blog for Australians experiencing mental illness, and for those who love us and want to learn more.

Technology in Real Life
Winner of Best Technology Blog (Nathan) – Technology in Real Life by Dan Smith.
A technology blog with news, reviews, and how technology and life intersect.

Winner of Best International Online Story – ‘When relationship and money talks’ by Nannaphat Sritakoonrut.
Winner of Best International Student Blog – Degag by Kan Jiang, Milani Mudannayake, Hauwa Yahaya Sani, Yina Zhang and Nannaphat Sritakoonrut
Winner of Best Visual in a Blog – ‘Photo of a gagged woman’ by Nannaphat Sritakoonrut.
‘Degag’ seeks to examine the current state of media censorship internationally. ‘Degag’ shall focus primarily on the state of media censorship in China, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore and the United States.

‘Kanjiang2′ is a lifestyle blog, living and discovering elsewhere through foreigner’s eyes.

Music Industry on the Inside
Winner of Best Music Blog – Music Industry on the Inside by De-anne Whelan.
‘Music Industry on the Inside’ will find news and articles on the Business and Art of the Music Industry. From big name artists to Indie favorites and fresh new faces, as well as content on the inside of the business.

A blog looking at censorship issues in and outside of Australia.

Australia’s Refugee Policy: PNG Solution
An insight into issues surrounding the PNG solution presented by the Australian government.

Basically Brisbane
Basically Brisbane is a blog about culture and its influence on the city of Brisbane, A combination of photographs, news stories, and various other media, our blog attempts to focus on the human experience of culture within the city.

Game On
Winner of Best Investigative Story – 
‘Under the influence of dopes’ – by Matt Hardie.
Winner of Best Sports Blog – Game on Brisbane by Denis Boca, Matt Hardie, Phillip Harsant and Benjamin Scott.
A sports blog about sport and Australia.

Gen-Y + Wear
GEN-Y+WEAR is a fashion blog that enters the lives of Brisbane’s young fashion community. The inspiration that lies behind this blog is the risqué fashion choices of those known as Generation Y.

PHOTOJOURNWATCH is a blog about photographers, photojournalist and documentary photographers alike. It is a source of information and news about photographers working in this field, their work and current exhibitions and the struggles of working in the industry.

Something Blue Destinations
Winner of Best Online Disability Story – ‘Brisbane hotels neglect disability needs’ by Arna-Leah Bullivant.
This blog is about weddings and surrounding topics in Australia and overseas.

Winner of Best Online Investigative Story (GC
) – ‘Hendra vaccine: virus protection’ by Natasha Borg.
This blog covers a wide range of journalism and current topics throughout the world.

The Election Connection
Winner of Best Audio in a Blog – ‘Young Voices are Missing’ by Chloe Pickard.
Winner of Best Blog Feature – ‘High Speed Rail Future Uncertain’ by John Ray.
Winner of Best Political Story – ‘Young Voices are Missing’ by Chloe Pickard.
This blog will act as a valuable resource for people starting to take an interest in politics or wanting to know how politics affect them.

Pine Rivers Time
Winner of Best Community Journalism – Pine River Times by Chris McMahon.
The Pine Rivers Times is a news features blog that is centering on news that affects the Pine Rivers region.

Queensland Next Generation
Winner of Best Community Journalism (GC Campus) – QLD Next Generation by Shirley Bredenkamp.
This blog addresses the issue of the decreasing Show participation of the younger generation and the ‘Next Generation’ movement towards improving these numbers in South East Queensland.

Y Health Matters
Winner of Best Current Affairs Story – ‘Synthetic drugs and background’ by Mala Mistry.
Winner of Best Health Blog – Y Health Matters by Caitlin McArthur, Mala Mistry and Jordanna Tucker.
Winner of Best Online Indigenous Story – ‘Australian Indigenous Students Aim High’ by Caitlin McArthur.
Winner of Most Creative Video – ‘It’s not just about Equality’  by Jordanna Tucker.
Winner of Best Team News Blog – Y Health Matters by Mala Mistry, Jordanna Tucker and Caitlin McArthur.
This blog looks at generation Y and its health and how to know about all health related issues.

Winner of Best International Online Story (GC) – ‘UN urges Indonesia to stop performing FGM’ by Alexandra Sheehy.
Winner of Best Multimedia Coverage of an Event – ‘Swell Sculpture Festival has biggest year’ by Tiara Swain.
Winner of Best News Blog (GC) – Blog-Her by Alexandra Sheehy and Tiara Swain.
Gold Coast journalists delivering local, national and international news on topics and issues of interest to women worldwide.

The Twinternet
Winner of Best Lifestyle Blog – The Twinternet by Tristan Lal.
The Twinternet is to provide a virtual arena for recent news, basic information, and feature stories about twins and multiple births.

Kieren Bond
Winner of Best Mental Health Story (GC) – ‘Elucidating eating disorders and the journeys to recovery’by Kieren Bond.
A blog on eating disorders and the road to recovery.

Arts in Swing
Winner of Best Political Blog (GC) – Arts in Swing by Beau Gosney.
This blog covers news and opinion in relation to Australian arts and politics.

Why So Serious News
Winner of Best Popular Culture Blog – Why So Serious News by Lewis Warner and Rhys Woosnam.
Australian-based news blog devoted to debunking social myths and misconceptions.

Needle on the Pulse
Winner of Best Popular Culture Blog (Nathan) – Needle on the Pulse by Ben Pratt.
Needle on the pulse: a blog for the record community of Brisbane, with information, interviews and reviews from record fairs, record stores and record events.

The Social Effect
Winner of Best Use of Social Media – ‘Journalism – where does it stand in the digital world?’ by Melanie Richards.
Winner of Best Media Blog – The Social Effect by Melanie Richards and Richard Nguon.
A blog focusing on the effects of social media on society.

The Fencesitter Manifesto
Winner of Most Creative Video (Nathan) – ‘The Fence Files’ by Matt Innes.
A blog looking at Australian politics and current events from the point-of-view of those with no point-of-view.

Sekend Chance
Winner of Best Social Issues Blog – Sekend Chances Blog by Samantha Leeson and Rhiannon Smith.
The aim of the blog is to create links between people with convictions and the community.

GC Fit
Winner of Best Sports Blog (GC) – GC Fit by Roxann Grover, Shannen Kiely, Shae Killey, Chloe Patterson and Matilda Revere.
This blog providing news and tips on health, fitness and food.

Surf or Stack
Winner of Best Blog Graphics – Surf or Stack by Brett Loccisano.
Surf or Stack is a unique space that compares the rural mining town of Mount Isa with the thriving coastal city of the Gold Coast.

Kent Street Style
Winner of Best Fashion or Beauty Blog – Kent Street Style by Lucinda Kent.
Kent Street is dedicated to comprehensive coverage of issues facing the Australian fashion industry including interviews from designers, stylists, photographers, and buyers.

Terri Talks Beauty
Winner of Best Fashion or Beauty Blog (GC) – Beauty and a Blog: Terri Talks Beauty by Terri Hayward.
This blogs includes, a video interview with make-up artist, Ashton Wood and a story on YouTube blogging with various bloggers around Australia.

The Otaku’s Study
Winner of Best Technology Blog – The Otaku’s Study by Sam Worboys.
The main goal of The Otaku’s Study is to help promote companies and their releases to the public through regular news articles, along with helping everyone who reads the site to hopefully make informed decisions in what they should purchase in respect to the quality of the products.

The Animal Agenda
Winner of Best Online Animal Rights Story – ‘The Forgotten Animals’ by Laura Thornton.
Animal Agena is a place for animal lovers to come for the latest, local animal news and events.

The Source News
News written by Griffith University students. Curated by Claire D’hooghe, Cassandra McDonald and Emma Rayward.

Well done all!

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