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Another superb curation of media law news from lawyer Leanne O’Donnell (@mslods)!



Why we filed an amicus brief in Garcia v Google: blaming 3rd parties has a serious impact on free speech. | Techdirt |

  • Last week was the much-anticipated oral argument before the Supreme Court in the Aereo case. Here’s some commentary from folk who camped out overnight to get a seat in the courtroom:

Ali Sternburg: 8 takeaways from the Aereo supreme court oral argument. | Project DisCo |

Sarah Jeong: Supreme court justices are not  good with computers. | Five Tweet Thoughts |  

Parker Higgins: Every mention of the “cloud” in the Aereo Supreme Court argument. | | Video:

Defamation & media law

Australian, Thai journalists to face court on Thai navy defamation charges. | Australia Network News |

Twibel ruling: Tweeting that someone is “f**** crazy” is not defamatory. | Technology & Marketing Law |

Google gagged: A public fight against a secret…

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